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Ranch House Plans Ideas

Small Ranch Style House Plans Easy to Customize

The construction of villas in rural areas shows the improvement of living standards in rural areas and urban people’s yearning and pursuit of scenic rural areas.

The building is surrounded by neat bushes, green grass, beautiful scenery and a flat road in the middle for people to walk on. Although the villa on the first floor covers an increased area, the living is more comfortable and natural, with large area glass doors and windows inlaid on the white walls of the villa. The roof is pyramidal.

The combination of inclined plane makes the whole composition more harmonious and beautiful. A large number of log materials were used in the construction of the first-floor villa, making the construction of the whole villa more natural and characteristics, fresh style is pleasing to the eye.

Cant villa roof is designed, on the lower end of the building walls inlaid with gray, rough stone with rapid and informal section, the characteristics of the surface of the upper wall is painted with light brown pigment, eaves and the corners of the room wrapped in warm color yellow brown wood and framework, the design is neat and clean, with symmetrical beauty.